Client Specific Programs 

Individualized programs focus on an array of skills including: 

  • Reduction of maladaptive behaviors

  • Self- help skills

  • Receptive language

  • Expressive language

  • Social Skills

  • Independent living skills

  • Play & leisure skills

  • Group learning 

Process to Treatment  


1:1 ABA Therapy 

Comprehensive programs designed to develop a variety of communications skills, self-help, and social activities that are taught using research-based methods.

Fill out the New Client Eligibility Form for more information regarding this service. 

Independent Assessment

Independent assessments are available to families, schools, teletherapy services, and more.

Contact us for more information. 

Parent/Caregiver Training


Hands on training designed to coach parents & caregivers on strategies to continue progress in the home, decrease problem behaviors, and increase learning and independence.


This service is provided to all clients in an ABA therapy program with NBN but it is also provided to parents & caregivers seeking additional help.  

Contact us for more information. 


Parents start by filling out the eligibility form providing basic and insurance information. 


Eligibility and Benefits Confirmation 

We then coordinate with your insurer to confirm and complete the eligibility/benefits forms.



Once benefits are confirmed and authorization is approved, it's time to schedule an initial assessment. 

Treatment Plan Design

After initial assessment is completed and reviewed, an individualized plan of care is created. We then receive authorization from your insurer to begin therapy sessions. 

Therapy Sessions 

Scheduling ongoing therapy is then established to start providing therapy sessions to support your child and family. 


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