COVID-19 Policy

Screening Requirements 

  • Temperature checks will be administered to everyone entering the center 

  • Temperature above 100.4 (degrees Fahrenheit) or 38.0 (degrees Celsius) will not be admitted into the center

  • During parent sign in, signature confirming child does not have a fever, shortness of breath or cough will be required

  • Masks or face shields are required to be worn at all times unless maintaining a distance of 6 feet


Pick up/ Drop off  

  • Staggering drop-offs will be scheduled to limit possible family exposure

  • Only 1 family per reception area at a time (this will be limited to caregiver dropping off and child receiving services)

  • Child will be picked up and dropped off at reception area only (caregivers will not be permitted past reception area) 

  • Upon entering center, children will be required to immediately wash their hands 


Environmental Health/ Social Distancing 

  • Limited toys distributed to each room which will remain in the same location / child

  • Cleaning and disinfecting conducted after use 

  • Child designated to one room/workstation/ and therapist until further notice

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces conducted before each closing day



  • Therapist will be required to wash their hands and the child’s hands beginning beginning

  • Therapist will be required to wear gloves

  • The following steps will be posted in diaper changing areas 

    • Prepare (includes putting on gloves)

    • Clean the child

    • Remove trash (soiled diaper/wipes)

    • Replace diaper

    • Wash child’s hands

    • Clean up diapering station

    • Wash hands 

  • Therapist will be required to wash their hands afterwards and disinfect area with fragrance- free bleach that is EPA- registered as a sanitizing or disinfecting solution

  • Contaminated/ soiled clothing should be place in plastic bag 

  • Multiple change of clothes should be provided by caregivers and placed in child’s bag

Food Preparation 

  • No food prep within the center

  • Children will be served individual meals and snacks provided by caregivers only

  • Packed lunches and snacks should not require refrigeration or microwave. 

  • Food should be prepared, mixed, and ready to eat

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